Art and Joy of Wood

Confirmed speakers

Cultural programme

Artisans from around India

Throughout the three days of the conference, around 15-20

Woodworking at Art and Craft School
[Photo credit: Dan Robbins]
artisans will be present in the conference venue to showcase their skills. Chosen to represent a range of different wood carving styles and techniques, these artisans will be brought from all over India to demonstrate, in a practical way, the art and joy of wood.

Facilitators/translators will be available during the lunch breaks so that conference participants can interact with the artisans and ask them questions about their work. A small number of items may also be on sale if anyone wishes to purchase their carvings.

Photograph and photo-story exhibition

As part of the poster area, there will be an exhibition of photographs and non-technical posters (photo-stories). This will include pictures and posters that reflect the overall theme of the "art and joy of wood" in a number of different contexts.

A competition has been launched to select the photographs and photo-stories for this exhibition and three competition winners will be invited to participate in the conference at the organisers expense.