Art and Joy of Wood

The conference

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Suggested topics under each conference theme

An aim of this conference is to explore and discuss topics related to wood use that may not have been examined in great detail before, so the conference organisers have not set firm guidelines about the specific topics that will be covered (other than the three broad themes of the conference). Some examples of the topics that may be covered are given below, but authors are encouraged to be innovative and "think outside the box". If authors wish, they can also contact the conference organisers at the email addresses given below to discuss their ideas for papers or posters before submitting an abstract.

1. Emerging trends in economies and lifestyles: what are the main trends affecting wood use and how can these be utilised to strengthen the forest products sector?

This session will examine the influence of socio-economic trends on end-uses and markets for wood products. Topics to be covered could include the following: trends in consumer preferences and perceptions of wood products; changing lifestyles and their impacts on markets; opportunities to place wood products in new markets and end-uses; the impact of traditions, heritage and culture on wood use; opportunities and threats to wood products in a more sustainable World, and how to develop a culture of wood use. The aim will be to identify opportunities to expand wood use and/or increase value-added to wood products by understanding and responding to these changes in lifestyles and social values.

2. Stories portraying the winds of change: case studies showing how some wood producers and users have already developed strategies or innovated to build successful enterprises based on changing consumer demands and needs.

This session will showcase examples of enterprises that have already identified and seized opportunities to expand wood use and/or increase value-added by building upon these trends. Presenters should describe the reasons behind their success, as well as the lessons learned along the way. They should also explain how they see these trends developing in the future and what that might mean for their enterprises. The session is open to submissions from producers of any type of wood product.

3. Wooden paths to a sustainable future: how can the linkages between wood use and sustainable development be strengthened and used to promote more and higher-value wood use?

This session will discuss how governments, industry and other stakeholders have supported sustainable development in the forest products sector. Topics could include, for example: experiences with wood promotion initiatives; efforts to strengthen the sustainability of wood products either along the supply-chain or in end-uses; policy measures supporting the use of wood as a sustainable material; and analyses of the sustainable benefits of wood use. Presenters should aim to show how such initiatives have helped to improve performance in the sector as well as how wood products can make a greater contribution to sustainable development in the future.

Procedure to submit proposals for technical papers or posters

The deadline for submission of abstracts has passed and we are no longer taking proposals. Authors were informed about the next steps for preparation of posters and papers in August (for further information, contact: ). Further guidance about the preparation of oral presentations, posters and full papers is given in the attached document.

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