Art and Joy of Wood

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Cultural programme

Conference dinner

On the second evening of the conference, the
conference dinner will be held in the Community Hall of the Institute of Wood Science and Technology (10 minutes walk from the conference hall). Participation in the conference dinner is an optional extra to the programme and is not included in the registration fee.

The conference dinner will be an opportunity for participants to get to know each other better and to sample a wide variety of the delicious food available in India. The conference caterers - Food Vision - have catered for the Institute before and have considerable experience of catering for international events in Bangalore. They will ensure that only the freshest ingredients are used and prepared to the strictest standards of health and hygene.

The dinner will include a three-course meal with soft drinks, wine or beer. Table service will be provided (dishes brought to the table, then eaters serve themselves) and a range of
vegetarian and non-vegetarian options will be offered for starters and the main course. The dishes will be selected to give participants a number of different choices with respect to flavours and cooking styles from the extensive menu available (see here for some examples).

For the cocktail reception and conference dinner, the IWST Community Hall will be decorated with a traditional Indian shamiyana. Shamiyanas are fabric tents decorated with various patterns and motifs and are popular for weddings, parties and receptions. Although no doubt familiar to Indian participants, we hope that this will enhance the experience of our international participants and that they will come away with a better feeling of "Incredible India".

Shuttle buses will be available to take participants to their hotels after the conference and back for the conference dinner although, due to traffic, this may only be feasible for those staying close to the conference venue. Alternatively, it will be possible to take a short tour of the IWST facilities to learn about the history of the Institute and some of the current activities there. Shuttle buses will also be available to take participants to their hotels after the conference dinner.