Art and Joy of Wood

Confirmed speakers

Concert - "Music from wood"

On the first evening of the conference, a concert will be held in

Laya Lahari Percussion Ensemble
the Community Hall of the Institute of Wood Science and Technology (10 minutes walk from the conference hall). The concert will start with a 10-15 minute performance of classical Indian music followed by a short presentation of the various wooden instruments used in the performance. It will conclude with a longer performance (about 30 minutes) demonstrating the rich variety of musical styles to be found across India.  

The concert will be given by the Laya Lahari Percussion Ensemble of the Ayyanar College of Music, under the direction of Vidwan Anoor R Ananthakrishna Sharma. The Ayyanar College of Music was established in Bangalore in 1952 and has produced a number of celebrated artists of Indian music. The percussion ensemble was formed in 1980 and is composed of students at the school. The ensemble has performed all over India and internationally and is well known for the skilled way in which they blend the different styles of Indian classical and folk music into a pleasing and coherent performance.

More information about the ensemble can be found here.

Cocktail reception

Following the concert there will be an informal cocktail reception serving soft-drinks, mocktails, wine and beer, where conference participants can meet each other and network with colleagues from around the World. Shuttle buses will be available to take participants back to their hotels after the reception.