Art and Joy of Wood

Confirmed speakers

Event organisers

Numerous individuals have assisted with the preparations for this event. Members of the different committees involved with these preparations are listed below.

Technical Committee

Illias Animon (FAO, Rome, Italy)
E V Anoop (KAU, Thrissur, India)
T K Damodaran (KFRI, Thrissur, India)
Sujatha Dhanapal (IPIRTI, Bangalore, India)
Patrick Durst (FAO, Bangkok, Thailand)
Sangeeta Gupta (FRI, Dehradun, India)
Eric Hansen (OSU, Corvallis, USA)
Mike Hou (IWCS, China)
Jeremie Mbairamadji (FAO, Rome, Italy)
Howard Rosen (Washington DC, USA)
V P Tewari (IWST, Bangalore, India)
Jukka Tissari (FAO, Rome, Italy)
Adrian Whiteman (FAO, Rome, Italy)

Event Manager

Amit Agarwal (Saltmarch Media, Bangalore, India)
Ramakrishnan G (Saltmarch Media, Bangalore, India)

Organising Committee

Pankaj Aggarwal (IWST, Bangalore, India)
Illias Animon (FAO, Rome, Italy)
Vipin K Chawla (IPIRTI, Bangalore, India)
Su Jinling (IWCS, China)
S C Joshi (IWST, Bangalore, India)
C N Pandey (IPIRTI, Bangalore, India)
A M Singh (MOEF, New Delhi, India)
Jagadish Vengala (IPIRTI, Bangalore, India)
Adrian Whiteman (FAO, Rome, Italy)

Sponsorship Committee

S C Joshi (IWST, Bangalore, India)
Rao Matta (FAO, Rome, Italy)
C N Pandey (IPIRTI, Bangalore, India)
Finella Pescott (FAO, Bangkok, Thailand)

Photo Contest Judges

Kartiki Gonsalves (India)
Tomasz Juszczak (Poland)
Masakazu Kashio (Japan)
Marco Perri (Italy)

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