Art and Joy of Wood

Confirmed speakers

Confirmed speakers for Theme 1 - Emerging trends in economies and lifestyles

Keynote and invited speakers that have confirmed their participation in the conference are listed here. The list is organised by theme and will be updated as and when we get more information from the invited speakers. A provisional listing of all papers that will be presented is also given at the bottom of the "timetable" webpage.

Speaker: Saara Taalas
Presentation: Bridging life at home and sustainable production

Dr Saara L Taalas is IKEA Professor of Innovation in Business Studies at Linnaeus University in Sweden and Chair of Media Business at Turku University in Finland. Her research interests are directed at hybrid organisation connecting business production and innovation activities of active audiences and fans. She is the head of the "Life at Home" research initiative bridging everyday life and sustainable material production conditions supported by IKEA. She was previously employed as a specialist by private organisations, Nordic media industry associations and by several Finnish Ministries. She has worked with three European Commission DG's on creative economy foresight and dynamics of soft innovation.

Speaker: Michael Martin
Presentation: Wood is good

Michael Martin is the Director for Forest Economics, Policy and Products of the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The FAO Forestry Department helps nations to manage their forests in a sustainable way. The Organization's approach balances social, economic and environmental objectives so that present generations can reap the benefits of the earth's forest resources while preserving them to meet the needs of future generations. Dr. Martin previously worked with the USDA Forest Service and USDI Bureau of Land Management as regional economist, chief economist and director for international forestry operations in Oregon, Alaska and Washington DC.

Speaker: Sudipta Dasmohapatra
Presentation: Consumer purchase trends and perceptions in the USA

Dr Dasmohapatra is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Forest Biomaterials at North Carolina State University, specialising in strategic marketing, distribution and value addition strategies and marketing research methods. Her research has focused on creating and managing customer value in the forest products industry, through product differentiation, competitive positioning and product distribution strategies. Her current research is focused on examining value-added opportunities for the forest products industry in new and existing markets and the measurement of value perceptions and policy implications for the forest products industry.

Speaker: Howard Rosen
Presentation: The evolution of wood culture in the United States of America

Howard Rosen has pursued a long and distinguished career in wood science and forest products research. He started working for the USDA Forest Service as a research scientist focusing on hardwood utilisation, wood drying, wood physics and energy production from forest biomass. Following this, he joined the Forest Service Research and Development Staff in Washington DC to perform a number of technical duties and support science policy for forest products programs throughout the United States. Dr. Rosen retired in 2006 and now works as a volunteer for the US Forest Service. He is also active in many professional organisations and is the chair of the IUFRO Working Party on Wood Culture (5.10.01).

Speaker: Sangeeta Gupta
Presentation: History and current status of wood culture in India

Dr Gupta is Scientist In-charge, Wood Anatomy Discipline, Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, India. Her research interests include wood structure, wood quality, taxonomy and plant conservation. She is associated with identification of timbers for several departments of India including forensic, archaeological and palaeobotanical institutes and is managing one of the best Xylarium (DDw) for tropical woods. She is associated with teaching, training and formulation of Indian standards for timber usage.

[Last update: 23 May 2011]