Art and Joy of Wood

Confirmed speakers

Confirmed speakers for Theme 2 - Stories portraying the winds of change

Keynote and invited speakers that have confirmed their participation in the conference are listed here. The list is organised by theme and will be updated as and when we get more information from the invited speakers. A provisional listing of all papers that will be presented is also given at the bottom of the "timetable" webpage.

Speaker: Dustin Tusnovics
Presentation: Building for a better world: how timber architecture can make a difference

Dr Tusnovics is a co-founder of “Space Matters Architecture and Urbanism”, an architecture practice in Johannesburg, South Africa. He was previously Head of the degree course on Timber Construction and Design at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and he continues to lecture and consult on architecture in Austria, Germany and Italy. At Salzburg, he developed a project-based interdisciplinary curriculum focussing on sustainable architecture as well as innovative timber constructions and designs. He has continued this work in his current practice, which focuses on developing and implementing community-based building projects for low-income communities in South Africa.

Speaker: Gabriel Hemery
Presentation: Reviving Britain's lost wood culture

Gabriel Hemery is a passionate advocate for trees and forestry and a prolific forest scientist, having authored more than 60 scientific papers and articles. During his career he has held several senior positions in the UK environmental sector and he is currently the Chief Executive of the Sylva Foundation. With programmes on science, education and forestry, the Sylva Foundation's mission is to revive Britain's wood culture so that Britain's woodlands will continue to thrive ecologically and economically for the benefit of everyone.

Speaker: Jegatheswaran Ratnasingam
Presentation: The development of furniture industry clusters in Malaysia

Dr Ratnasingam is an Associate Professor of Wood Technology at the Universiti Putra Malaysia. With a background and education in furniture engineering, his research has focused on furniture production techniques, wood finishing and trends in furniture markets. More recently, his research has produced new insights into the processing of palm wood and other oil palm related biomass materials for the furniture industry.

Speaker: Lionel Jayanetti
Presentation: Adding value in wood products research: the recent experiences of TRADA

Lionel Jayanetti is Head of TRADA International (in the United Kingdom) and has over 35 years of experience in the development and use of sustainable materials in construction. He is a chartered civil and structural engineer with a post-graduate degree in timber engineering from Imperial College, London. He has published widely on the subject of timber and bamboo utilisation and has participated in numerous development projects worldwide on this topic mostly funded by UK Aid programme and the United Nations (including FAO). Before joining TRADA, he was a staff member at FAO.

Speaker: V Ramakrishnan
Presentation: The fourth dimension of wood

Mr V Ramakrishnan, commonly known as Ramu, graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (Chennai) with a B.Tech in aeronautics. He owns and manages his own company - Ramu Machinery Ltd. (based in Bangalore) - and is currently Chairman of Homag India (a subsidiary of the Homag Group from Germany that supplies woodworking machinery). He is a versatile personality and has vast experience in different fields of wood applications and uses, which he will use to present his views on the “fourth dimension of wood”.

[Last update: 23 May 2011]